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New Immigration rules for third -country nationals in the Republic of Cyprus

As from 1st of January 2023, the new changes for third -country nationals, who want to apply for a temporary residential permit in the Republic of Cyprus have been amended and revised by the Cyprus Migration Department.

The additional list of the documents requires the following:

  • It is necessary to provide an original criminal record certificate from the latest place of residence and origin, if it is different, which should be duly certified with official translation either in Greek or in English, for every adult applicant, noting that it is only for the first registration.

  • It is necessary to provide original medical examination certificate of blood tests, proving that the adult applicant does not suffer from Hepatitis B or C, or HIV, or Syphilis, as well as a chest X-ray for tuberculosis with a doctor's report, stamped and/or certified by a specialist doctor from the Republic of Cyprus, noting that it is applicable for the first registration.

The recent amendments regarding the financial criteria and income of the applicant are valid as well as from the beginning of the new year and set up the revised conditions, such as:

  • It is necessary to provide a detailed bank account statements from the Cyprus Bank Account of the applicant, of the last 12 months in case if it is a renewal, however, if it is a first registration, from the date of the opening of the bank account in Cyprus, showing the income derived from abroad.

  • It is important to note that the monthly income of the applicant should not be less than €2,000 or €24,000 per year for one person. This amount is increased by 20% for the added spouse or for each dependent parent and by 15% for each child. Before the new changes, there was no a specific amount of a monthly income, since it was necessary to prove a sufficient and adequate amount of money to reside in the Republic of Cyprus.

  • Applicants who are going to register for the first time for a visitor’s permit should satisfy the requirement of presenting a cash transfer (carrying the relevant proof from Customs) starting from 10.000-15.000 EUR.

For additional information and consultancy please contact us via or +357 25255051

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