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Extension of the temporary protection status

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Cyprus has announced that based on the relevant decision of the Council of Ministers, the right to temporary protection is automatically extended for one year to those citizens of Ukraine who have already received such status in Cyprus, i.e. until March 4, 2024.

Thus, for those who already enjoy temporary protection status, there is no need to submit a new application to the Asylum Service or apply for a new biometric residence permit to the Civil Registration and Migration Department.

Citizens of Ukraine, refugees in Ukraine and their family members residing in Ukraine until February 24, 2022 or stateless persons and non-Ukrainians residing in Ukraine until February 24, 2022 with a permanent residence permit who cannot safely return to their country of origin have the right to obtain a residence permit in the Republic of Cyprus for based on the status of temporary protection.

The main requirements for obtaining the status are as follows:

Valid biometric and non-biometric passports, regardless of the expiration date

Expired biometric and non-biometric passports,

Identity cards issued by the Government of Ukraine,

Internal passports, temporary travel documents issued by the Government of Ukraine, Permanent or temporary residence permit issued by the Government of Ukraine.

If you need any additional information or advice, please contact us by email: or phone number: 25255051

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